Auditing and Assurance

Now more than ever, executives, financial managers, and small-business owners are obligated to build confidence in their financial reporting. Little & Assoc. serves clients by providing financial statement audits, reviews, compilations, and other attest services.


In addition, we make a commitment to our audit clients to help identify business risks, offer advice for improving controls, evaluate accounting issues, and assess the quality of information they use to make business decisions. We follow the highest professional standards and receive continuous training in audit, accounting, and government and compliance issues.



Start with Little and Associates Help with low-income housing tax credit compliance (LIHTC). LIHTC plays a key role in affordable housing, community development, and historic preservation. Navigating the process and rules that govern joint ventures can be complex.


We get it. We know the rules. The deadlines. The complete business cycle.


•   the types of credits that are available

•   the timeline for applying for the credits

•   how the LIHTC is calculated

•   how deals are financed

•   how to comply with LIHTC rules

Affordable Housing

Tax Preparation

Let's face it - filing your taxes is more complicated than filling out a simple IRS return. Tax returns are time consuming, stressful, and confusing. And on top of that, the laws change each year! You need a CPA to give you expert advice and prepare accurate returns that give you as much money back as possible. Little &  Assoc. takes the guess work out of preparing and filing your taxes. Let us point out potential pitfalls to avoid and areas where you might expect IRS opposition.


Don't pay more in taxes than you have to! Take full advantage of all deductions and credits with our tax planning, compliance, and preparation services.




We convert messy financial records into accurate, usable financial statements.

Turn your company's books over to us for quality control review, updates, and coordination.


UNDERSTAND WHERE YOUR COMPANY IS PROFITABLE – we track your books, reconcile accounts, and manage payroll


SAVE TIME – we turn piles of receipts and bank statements into organized expenses


ELIMINATE HEADACHE – bookkeeping services make tax time a breeze because everything is sorted, accounted for, and ready to file


Other Accounting


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